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Woolicious Bonbon Lampshade

Aktualisiert: 17. Juli 2022

I discovered the bonbon lampshade quite by accident while scrolling thru my phone and fell in love with it immediately. However, for me personally the lampshade was a bit too pricey.

I really admire the work of Ana Kraš, so if you like her work as well and want to invest in a unique lamp here is the link to support this inspiring, talented woman.

I thought the lamp would be super easy to replicate. However, the experiment taught me better. Time & Patience is the keyword here.




-yarn (click here) -lampshade frame (click here)



-light cable (click here)

-light bulb


79 € out of your pocket

& 10 hours of your time



In retrospect, I realize that I made two crucial mistakes. On the one hand, I stretched the wool too tightly on the first try and, on the other hand, I wasn't really sure what the shape of the lamp should look like in the end. Hence my tip to you. Think in advance what the shape should look like in the end, this saves you the time I lost on my first attempt.

Step One

going for the shape

Step Two

wrap the yarn around a pen

(so that you can thread it better around the frame)

tie a knot with the yarn on the metal frame

place a heavy piece on the frame

Step Three

start spinning the yarn around the frame

Step Four

mark the top to match it to the bottom part & continue spinning.

Step Five

cut off the scraps of wool

Step Six

connect the light cable to the socket

and there we go...

this is my attempt to imitate ana kraš bon bon lamp


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