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How we designed our Kitchen

designing a kitchen can be overwhelming, but after weeks of planning and building, we finally created our dream kitchen on a budget.


Step One: get inspired

 To start, it's important to have an idea of the desired direction, so I use sources like Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and save my favorites in individual folders for reference.

Step Two: the layout

The most crucial factor in kitchen design is the available space. Our kitchen is relatively small, measuring about 6 square meters, so we wanted to make it functional and appear larger. To achieve this, we opted for light colors and avoided open shelving to give the kitchen a cleaner look.

Step Three: set a focal point

The focal point of our kitchen design was the flooring, specifically the terrazzo tile on the floor and the long grey tiles on the backsplash. To simplify the design process, we used the flooring pattern to guide the rest of the kitchen choices.


we borrowed samples of the flooring and used that to choose the rest of the kitchen. That made our life so much easier.


Step Three: assembling the kitchen

For the kitchen body and fronts, we chose Ikea for its simple white, minimalist design. Although we initially preferred SieMatic or Nobilia, we invested the money saved into a high-quality stone slab from a kitchen studio in Berlin.

The tap, sink, induction hob, oven, and refrigerator were purchased online from various platforms. At Check24, we monitored the price development and found the cheapest offers. The most challenging part of the project was choosing the right devices, as we had no prior knowledge. We had to rely on reviews to make our decision.



Despite having three different parties working on the kitchen, mistakes were made, leading to stress and frustration at times. However, I learned a lot from the process and would do it the same way again in the future.


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